Building On a Foundation of Experience

VTM services connect people with other people and the information they need, enabling them to act any time, any place. Advanced technologies and industry best practices satisfy your transportation, accounting and systemic requirements. Our expert systems and information services provide your business and business partners with timely, accurate payment and shipment data.

As work evolves into a network of activity, businesses require innovative solutions that capitalize on experienced people and their expert systems. Virtual Transportation Management maximizes both information and productivity.

Freight Bill Payment

At VTM, we work to continually update our freight bill payment system to address industry shortcomings and solve common frustrations between freight payment companies, our customers and our customer’s freight carriers.

Important characteristics of VTM strategy and system include:

• EDI Utilization of Electronic Data Interchange for comprehensive and accurate data capture (Over 120 separate data elements available)
• Expert web tools for both our clients and their freight carriers (TRANSWARE suite)
• Document Imaging of all invoices and supporting documentation
• 24/7 client access via the global data warehouse
• Superior Customer Service Knowledgeable staff with 3 decades of transportation, systems and banking experience; single point of contact for all clients
• Proprietary Rate Engine Supports all modes, web access to Rate shopper, and full online rate library

Stay in Control of your Funds

VTM is not float-based, as there are no deposits or pre-funding requirements. Client assets (funds) are protected by VTM banking controls and VTM Bonding and Insurance policies. During implementation, our clients decide when and how to distribute funds. Clients can transfer funds to VTM for payment via a zero balance account, ACH or wire transfer. Clients then choose by what method VTM pays freight carriers. Options include:

• Client check stock
• VTM check stock
• VTM wire transfer
• Payment file to customer or customer bank

Clients also choose how often to pay. Bills can be paid daily, twice per week, or on a weekly basis. VTM will actively manage credit terms with your carriers to satisfy your cash management and accrual concerns. VTM currently has payment options in all world currencies including the Canadian $, Singapore $, Hong Kong $, Pound Sterling and Euros.